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The Pang series is a beloved collection of arcade video games from the early 90s. Guide two brothers on a quest around the world to save humankind from a massive alien invasion! Use your wits and skills to overcome the attack balls pouring from the skies and rescue the worldu2019s cities and landmarks from impending annihilation!
rPang Adventures brings new features and gameplay to this arcade legend while keeping true to the original spirit of the series.
ru25cf Local Co-op: Adventures are best shared! The couch-coop feature is available in every game mode, allowing friends and family to team up and save the world!
ru25cf Online Co-op: show off your skills and compete with your worldwide friends to see who can down the most balls!
ru25cf 3 different ball-popping modes:
rTour Mode: Fight back the alien forces, one location at a time!
rScore Attack: Save the world with only 3 lives and NO CONTINUES! The real arcade experience!
rPanic Mode: Bust balls like a legend! 99 levels of continuous battle will put your skills to the ultimate test!
ru25cf More than 100 levels scattered throughout Antarctica, Scotland, Death Valley, Bora Bora… each location with its own unique tricks and twists!
ru25cf The Pang Bros. have upgraded their gear since the last alien invasion: machine guns, flamethrowers, lasers, shurikensu2026you name it, they’ve got it!
ru25cf Boss fights! For the first time in the series, the Pang Brothers come face-to-face with the nefarious Alien Commanders! These villains didn’t come to Earth for the sightseeingu2026so get ready to blow them to smithereens!
ru25cf Since the last invasion, the Aliens have been busy improving their attack ball technology! Electric, explosive, smoke and lava balls will all be deployed to knock you off your feet, so be prepared!
rThe simplest recipes make the best cookies! Pang Adventures is one delicious treat specifically designed to please your digital tastebuds and get you hooked! So keep your eyes peeled and your reflexes razor sharp to succeed and save the world!


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