X3: Terran Conflict


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X3: Terran Conflict is the continuation of a spectacular and exciting space simulator that provides the player with the opportunity to speak on the side of earthlings. At your service, more than a hundred spaceships, new parts, and improvements, deadly weapons systems. Unlike many games where the ending of the plot differs, you have various options for starting the game – stay the mysterious Terran, or become Paranid. Choose your path and make sure that not only the starting ship depends on it, but the amount on the account and the differences in relations with races – now available missions and, of course, rewards for their implementation also depend on the start option.

  • Largest X Universe ever.
  • New faction: the Terrans inhabitants of the Earth.
  • More jobs and non-linear missions than ever before.
  • More than 100 new spaceships, new ship classes, and weapon systems.
  • A re-designed user interfaces for easy control by mouse, keyboard, and joystick.
  • New group management tool.
  • An outside team can board large battleships.


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