X4: Foundations


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The continuation of a series of space simulators in which you can explore the universe, control a star empire, or fly personally in any ship. X4: Foundations will allow you to engage in trade, participate in battles, and embark on new adventures.

Developers place particular emphasis on seamless movement between different classes of ships. You can leave your spaceship, go down a few levels below, walk along the dock of a massive space station and climb into the pilot’s seat in the new spaceship by clicking on the cockpit chair.

In X4, when you accumulate enough capital in a series of battles and trade deals, you can influence the galactic economy on a global level by building your modular station. Easy and fun to design new stations will help you with a powerful design system.

Spaceships also lend themselves to modular upgrades: you can improve engines, weapons, defense systems, and much more. In X4, you will find the most elaborate and deepest universe in the history of the series, in which the star empires of other races dynamically develop.


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