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Initially, I want to note that even though “Zombi” did not receive universal appreciation, the project reflects the concept of horror games well. The atmosphere in the gloomy post-apocalyptic world covers all the minor flaws, of which a considerable amount noted. With more proper and high-quality implementation, the game could well take the lead in a niche. Still, the unsuccessful release time and the lack of gameplay development nullified the potential.
The technical side also let us down, although this has its advantages as well – the game runs even on weak PCs, which is good news.


“Ubisoft” created a game that stands out against the theme of the zombie apocalypse, having worked pretty hard on the atmosphere. Still, the developers forgot about such an essential element as graphics. It is quite obvious that the initial development affected the “Wii U,” as well as the rather fast port of the game to other platforms.
It is worth noting that a considerable number of users noted problems with launching a licensed copy of the game. Some of them helped reinstall the drivers, while others forced to carry out various manipulations in the operating system.
In general, the game is saved only by the fact that the zombie theme does not require an exceptionally high-quality graphic display, and some shortcomings can be mitigated by the “dark environment” familiar to horror. The only thing that allows you to be distracted from the weak visual side of “Zombi” is the oppressive atmosphere. The soundtrack of the game process does not cause any complaints.


At first glance, “Zombi” has many drawbacks in technical implementation and gameplay, but despite them, the game is still worthy of attention. First of all, thanks to the unusually successful atmosphere, which always comes to the rescue in such games. The developers from Ubisoft decided not to waste time on additional polishing of the gameplay and decided to confine themselves to a port with a slight improvement in graphics, thereby depriving the game of the opportunity to become a real masterpiece of horror.
In general, although “Zombi” evokes conflicting feelings, the game is capable of immersing in an atmosphere of hopelessness. However, the technical implementation and individual elements of the gameplay do not contribute to a positive perception of the project.


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